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Be As Bright As The Super Moon

When I was much younger, I developed a connection to the moon. I remember living in Boulder, Colorado and deciding that I would sleep outside every full moon. I did this for a while in Boulder, then in Minocqua, WI, and then Missoula, MT. It was a time for me to be alone, give thanks, and reflect. It was a nice bench mark in the month.



The Landscape and Leadership

Last week I gave you a little taste of the natural beauty of where I live in the Minocqua area of Northern Wisconsin. Again, I sit and watch loons and eagles as I write. The other birds carry on a chorus in the background with the frogs chiming in. Nature is almost everywhere.

7.19.16 wetlands

On a drive through to town the other day I almost hit a bear! In the summer, people come from across the country to enjoy this area because of its natural beauty and the 2,500 lakes that freckle Oneida and Vilas county (just 2 of the 72 counties in Wisconsin). I live in the 3rd most lake-rich area of the world, and the lakes are fresh and clean because of our natural wooded landscape and the extensive wetlands here. (more…)

Leading Your Own Life

Well, the festivities of the 4th of July are over and summer is officially under way. I spend my summers on Red Wing Island, a piece of property that has been in my family for 69 years this year. Right now I am sitting in my A-frame on my couch at 5 a.m. watching two Loons float by as Bluegills snatch insects off the water’s surface and Kingfishers chatter on. Soon, I’ll paddle off the island and go do my horse chores.

7.12.16 Kingfisher


A Change in Plans, Update on Scarlet

Well this month’s theme was supposed to be camping, and with social media, that is what it has been. However in my own life I have had NO time for camping. We were supposed to go to Colorado for a camping vacation, but when my horse Scarlet got injured (see blog post from May 24th 2016) and we weren’t ready for her expected foal, we postponed our trip. Summer trips are hard for me anyway because we get so busy here in Minocqua, but now we are just overloaded, and… there is more.



What You Need to Know to Build Your Wilderness Map

Last week we talked about how having a map is pretty essential when hiking in the wilderness. We also talked about how many of us feel that we don’t really need a map to get through our own lives. Finally, I told you I would talk about some ways to map out your priorities and build this tool for your Earthly travels.

6.14.16 map (more…)

Squeeze the Life out of Every Day

I had a recent talk in Chicago; I was the keynote speaker for the Illinois Credit Union League. Being a Chicago keynote speaker is something I really enjoy because Chicago is actually my home town. I am not much of a city boy anymore, having left over 25 years ago, but I still have fun going back.

The Wolf Personality

Being a keynote speaker in Chicago doesn’t necessarily make my life easier, because I want to visit and explore while I am there, as things change so much over the years. I guess I try to do it all on my trips. Having the wolf personality, I am kind of partial to having a good time (if you don’t know what I mean about the wolf personality, go take the Animal Leadership personality test at I like to explore and turn everything into a playful experience. This time,  there was a lot to pack in my experience of being a leadership speaker in Chicago. This time I was able to attend ReptileFest!


Springing Out

Spring is a time of budding energy. It’s a time of both biological and cultural significance. Throughout the world and across cultures we see the acknowledgement of rebirth. We see the blossoming of flowers, new babies on the ground, and the awakening of hibernating creatures.

Springing Out - budding branch

Meanwhile in Northern Wisconsin

Here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, spring comes late, but oh, how sweet it is. Our many lakes don’t melt until April. Our flowers don’t bloom till May, but you always know it is coming. One sure way is to look at the branches in the forest. The buds are just waiting to burst new leaves. (more…)