Have You Not Achieved Your Goal? This Could Be Why.

Remember the Nike slogan “Just Do It”? It was great and so right on. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t seem so easy, especially if you are just setting out to achieve your goal, it can seem overwhelming and far from attainable. That is because when you first decide to do something, you might be lacking momentum.


Momentum is one of the biggest assets you can have to help you achieve your goal. When you hear about habits of effective people, it is easy to think “well, I don’t have those habits. If I did I wouldn’t be reading up on personal development.” That a pretty reasonable thought. So how do you go from static to dynamic and develop those habits and build that momentum? Well, time to take Nike’s advice and just do it!

Okay, so now you are about to start a hate email that begins “Dear Rad, you suck!” Hold up just one second and listen to one of my inspirational stories. About the time I turned 40, I decided that life goes pretty fast and I tried really hard to go from being in shape to being in really good shape. I had been working out for a couple of years and I was feeling pretty good. A few small tweaks and I became really fit.

Well, shortly after that I had a lifestyle change that made me much busier and created many more time commitments on my part. Coincidently, this change to a faster-paced life also introduced high-calorie foods around every turn and offered almost no access to healthy food choices. Whereas before I didn’t really eat French fries, today I am babysitting my brother’s Fry Daddy and ate fried food three times last week. I didn’t go from super fit to eating fried food at home over night, I did it little by little and now I have momentum!

See, don’t you feel better now and think “Boy Rad, I could use some of that momentum too.”

Okay, there are two examples there and they both went the same way. One little step builds on the next and whether you are on the way towards a goal or moving farther from it, it is a slippery slope, so get your momentum working for you.

Here is how you do it. Set your goal. Sure there is a whole science to goal setting but the big part is deciding what you want and that is easy. Next, you don’t do anything until you do something to move towards that goal. One thing! That can be to write a list, drink some water, drop and do 10 pushups, schedule a meeting…just do one thing. You know what you have now? Momentum. You are on the slippery slope moving towards your goal. Now wasn’t that easy?
Next, you have to do one more thing, as soon as you can, because momentum is your friend. Before you know it, time adds up and you have accomplished so much. So build on your momentum right now. Pick that one little thing and just do it!

Keep leading,

Written by Rad Watkins

Rad Watkins

Rad Watkings is the founder of Animal Leadership LLC where he takes his vast experience from working with wildlife & the environment to help bring out the Leader inside you. He teaches how to excel without the complex tactics that so many people live on for their careers, relationships & more!


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