Presentations by Rad

Rad Watkins has entertained international audiences, motivated work place personnel, and mobilized college students with his speaking engagements. Rad is an award-winning conservationist, wildlife ecologist, and research scientist who has contributed to scientific journals. He has worked with grizzly bears, bald eagles, endangered sea birds, and much more. At one point Rad was a failure in school literally preforming years behind his classmates; today Rad has served on boards and committees of many organizations and stands out as leader who is willing to step up and support what he believes in. Rad teaches the techniques he uses when he presents Animal Leadership.

Your group will realize that they were not only born to be leaders but they are already leaders right now. Rad Watkins’s Animal Leadership will show them how to maximize their potential so that they can start living their dreams and helping others bring their best forward!

What happens when the speaker leaves the stage?

Sure your group has been motivated when the speaker is on stage but what happens when the speaker leaves the stage? Have your people really learned anything that they use to further their dreams and help make them the leaders we all need in our communities? Tomorrow will they have anything more than echoes of “yes I can!” in their heads?

Rad Watkins is a totally different kind of motivational speaker. He will not only tell suspenseful stories such as surviving close encounters with grizzly bears, but he will teach a system that helps individuals identify their strengths and understand others’ needs. He will teach your group how to become leaders in an instant.

Through Animal Leadership, Rad Watkins promises results! Your people will learn what makes them tick and others tock. They will learn how to present ideas to bring people together. They will learn the skills that all life masters practice and they will have the resources needed to set them up for success.

Imagine booking a speaker that will leave a lifelong impression on your group; now don’t just imagine, pick up the phone and book Rad Watkins to come speak today!

5 GREAT reasons to book Rad Watkins

1. Your group will have a great time.

Rad will have your audience out of their seats and howling with laughter. Rad not only tells suspenseful stories about close encounters with all sorts of different wild animals, but he has fun and gets the audience involved. An audience always learns more when they are moving and physically engaged in a presentation. Rad will have them climbing mountains, smelling the fresh alpine air, and letting the beast within out with a growl. Your group won’t be bored for a minute.

2. Rad is easy to work with.

Rad understands the last thing you want when you are planning an event is to worry about the keynote speaker. Rad is reliable, easy going, and very professional. You don’t have to worry about being nickelled and dimed on top of your initial investment. You will have no worries ahead so just relax and wait for your boss to thank you for booking Rad.

3. Rad is unique, dynamic, and professional

These words best describe Rad Watkins and his Animal Leadership system. How many keynote motivational speakers have studied grizzly bears and worked in the rainforest? How about published in scientific journals and held office in international professional organizations? Rad is a leader who overcame adversity so that he could step up and live a life of service to others and the environment. Rad’s passion for enjoying the great outdoors and protecting wild creatures has led him on some amazing adventures and put him in a place where he has the knowledge to lead and the commitment to serve. Others will be inspired by Rad’s genuine approach to natural leadership. Your event will generate buzz with this unique speaker and his stories of wild adventure.

4. Rad promises results! Your group will learn:

  • What motivates all living creatures to do what they do, whether it works to their detriment or advantage.
  • That a true leader is one who serves others so that they may bring their best forward.
  • That there are four types of people who all have different needs and abilities. How you communicate with these four types can change your effectiveness as a leader.
  • The secret lessons all life masters understand that allow them to live their dreams.
  • That success is natural and we were all intended to thrive!

5. Rad offers continued educational support.

With the Animal Leadership system and, Rad continues to answer questions regarding what your audience has learned and what your organization’s leaders desire to implement. Additionally, with booking Rad for a speaking engagement, senior representatives* who attended the presentation are entitled within one month of the presentation to join in on an exclusive one-half-hour phone conference with Rad to discuss implementation questions of Animal Leadership.

*Your group is entitled to have five appointed representatives join the exclusive phone conference with Rad.

AV Requirements

(1) Lavaliere microphone

(1) Hand-held microphone

Unless other arrangements are made in advance, PowerPoint will be used. Rad will need a projector and screen to fit the audience.

Preferred large group set-up is a raised stage or platform (3′-6′) with a small table. Please remove any podium.

Rad needs a direct path to get off the stage and into the audience.

  • Room set-up can be adjusted to account for smaller group sizes.
  • If possible, Rad may want to look at the room set-up with you the night before the event.