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Have you ever wondered why you like doing this or don’t like doing that? Have you ever wondered why you’re not getting your message through to someone? Have you ever wondered how you could be a more effective leader of your own life, not to mention better serving others in a leadership capacity?

Animal Leadership is a system that naturally brings out your best so you can live the life of your dreams and become the leader that others are so badly looking for. Based on the similarities Rad Watkins has found between the people he has worked with and the wildlife species he has studied, Animal Leadership disregards all the complex and rigorous tactics that so many people teach and focuses on what we all need to know to naturally excel in our careers, home life, and relationships. Are you the bear, wolf, eagle, or horse? Take the FREE personality test and find out right now.

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Animal Leadership Talks – Rad Watkins Keynotes Speaker

Rad Watkins has working with wildlife and natural resources for over twenty years now.

Using natural success strategies and leadership principles learned from animals he has worked with, he overcame personal challenges allowing him to be a leader in this highly competitive field. Now he shares these secrets on stage in a way that is exciting and fun!

Corporate Leadership Talk

Rad is the author of Animal Leadership: Leadership Lessons Learned from Wildlife, and now travels around the country as a leadership speaker presenting strategies that help audiences achieve their goals, appreciate the natural diversity of others, and become the kind of leader that can bring a team together.

Using exciting stories about working with grizzly bears, wolves, mustangs, and bald eagles, Rad explains how to play to your strengths so that your success is natural. Use animals as metaphors Watkins speaking at your event will kick off your event with a bang or a give your business looking for a boost. Contact Rad by phone or email to learn more about booking him to speak at your next event.

Rad and Senator Ted Kennedy after sharing a table at a University of Massachusetts event.
Rad and Famous Dave (do we even need to say BBQ Master) at an event in Las Vegas.
Rad and two time super bowl champion and 1983 NFL MVP Joe Theismann chumming it up in LA.

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