Leadership Development Public Speaker

Rad’s Bio

Radley “Rad” Watkins is a public speaker, author, and personal-leadership coach. He spent many years working as a wildlife ecologist for government agencies across the northern part of the US and serving as a corporate manager in the environmental field. Rad has worked with grizzly bears, bald eagles, endangered seabirds, and much more.

As a child Rad was labeled learning disabled and faced challenges that greatly shaped his life. He learned to work through these challenges by finding the right tools and focusing on what he loved most—nature.
“Nature brought out my best” Rad says. “It gave me a place to connect with powers greater than myself and it gave me a place to have relationships with all sorts of living creatures. Wanting to know how the natural world works gave me a reason to keep pushing through school when I wanted to give up.”

Rad did push through school, and although he was held back as his childhood classmates advanced, Rad went on to put himself through graduate school studying environmental science, and even publishing in scientific journals.
The tools that helped Rad get through his early challenges included teachers, friends, coaches, personal development audios, and books.

Rad says, “I was lucky that some good-hearted people really helped me out when I was young, and because of their influence and the kind influence of my parents, I realized the importance of putting myself around good-hearted people. This had a snowball effect and I learned from others who were doing good things. I learned to do what I could to better myself and where to go for help and I gave back where I could. I just love the way it feels to help others.”

After an 18-year career in the environmental field, Rad now focuses on helping others face their challenges and live their dreams. Rad still serves on boards and committees of environmental conservation organizations in Northwoods of Wisconsin, a place he calls home, but he spends most of his time speaking and teaching people. Through Animal Leadership Rad teaches people how to take control of their lives, live their dreams, and be the kind of leader that can bring the best out of others.

Rad shares his stories of working with animals as a way of teaching lessons on how to become the leader of your own life as well as lead others to achieve their dreams. He calls his personal development system Animal Leadership.

“When I was a young person I was insecure and afraid to attempt the things I wanted to try. As I watched others going for and achieving their dreams I thought they must be born as a different type of person, and maybe they were. Back then I did not realize that no matter what type of person you are, there are behaviors you can adopt that will allow you to live any dream you desire. It has been so liberating to find out that I have greatness in me, that we all have greatness in us. I now believe that success is natural when you embrace who you are and follow a few simple steps. My mission is to share what I have learned with others so they can live their dreams.” –Rad Watkins