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Introduction to Animal Leadership

This is an introduction to the four animal personalities used in the Animal Leadership system. Check out the video blog and let me know how you like it.

Be the Wolf

In the book, Animal Leadership:Leadership Lessons Learned from Wildlife for Leading Yourself and Others, by Rad Watkins, I show that to really accomplish your greatest desires you need to get excited like the wolf.

There are two parts to this approach, and it is the second that I would like to discuss with you today. The second part is to incorporate the pack and use all the tools around you to your advantage! Kicking off the New Year everybody has lots of goals, resolutions, desires, what have you. The fact of the matter is that people who are really successful and fulfilled in life always have a lot of goals and desires. Another fact is that no one really succeeds alone. This is why it is important to incorporate your pack and use your tools.

So, whatever your ultimate desire is, make sure you share it with those who can help you achieve you desires. Steer clear of the naysayers and don’t think twice about their opinions, but embrace those who can support you and see how you can involve their energy and knowledge. Also use books, audios, classes, and trainings to support you in achieving your  desire.

The very easies way to achieve your dreams is find someone who is dedicated to your success. This could be a coach, accountably partner, mentor, trainer, or consultant. Some one who can support you and perhaps show you the techniques that have worked for them in the past. You will be surprised how fast this can make you the leader of your own life. If you are working on a team, you will be surprised how fast this will make you the kind of leader who is there to support others as they achieve their goals.

Don’t work in quite frustration, trying to go it alone. Be smart and use those around you to support you in life. Use the pack and use your tools. No matter what animal you may be mostly associated with, learn this lesson from the wolf.

Make 2011 Your Year

Happy New Year!

Here in Northern Wisconsin it is zero degrees and the snow is blowing sideways through the pines; it is a great way start the new year.

New Year’s Day is a time people are always thinking about personal development and New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately most people will give up and never achieve their New Year’s resolutions. I think part of the reason is that they jump right to the goal setting, but don’t know how to support the actions needed to carry out these goals.

In my book Animal Leadership: Leadership Lessons Learned from Wildlife for Leading Yourself and Others, I show people how to become the leader of their own life and achieve their dreams. The key is you first MUST become determined. None of this “I’ll try” stuff. You need to decide to DO, or not do! I call it being determined like the bear.

Next, you need to go in your head and think about what it will feel like to have achieved your dream, your goal. This is your why and motivation. You need to become the person who has what you want. I call this step getting excited like the wolf.

It is time to plan like the eagle. Now we can actually “set” the goal. Make your goal or goals specific and attainable. You can set many small goals to get to your dream so develop one that will be the first step of your journey. You can build on this.

With your plan, persist like a horse, taking one step at a time as you move down the path to your dreams. Remember that everything that comes your way is part of the path and you are moving closer to your desired result every step of the way. Like the mighty horse you may need to have great endurance, but remember the journey may be as good as the final result.

I hope these tips help you make 2011 your year!

In the comment section below, let me know what your New Year’s resolution and biggest challenges are.