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Efficiency Means Using Your Wolf Pack

So I have really come in late with this weeks blog, and those who are serious bloggers tell me that is a bad thing! Here is the deal. I have excuses, although I am not going to hide behind them, I will just say that I have been busy and I made other things a priority. That is what we do when we neglect things in our life. Ask yourself what you have been prioritizing while you neglect excessive, family time, or whatever your goal maybe? Seriously, ask yourself.

I have been working on developing new tools for you guys to help you implement Animal Leadership. One of these tools is a recorded leadership training I just did this last week. The training was about two and a half and the whole thing was recorded both audio and video. Later in the week I have been working with editors and cutting things down. This is part of what ate up my time this week.

Now when I coach someone and they tell me they did not reach their goal, I always ask why? What stood in their way? Just like I asked you above. Then I ask what they could do in the future to keep this from happening?

One thing you can do to help you efficiently achieve your goal is learn a lesson from the wolf. This lesson is USE YOUR PACK! That is look around you and see who can help you or what tools you may be able to use.

Working with the guys at the TV studio is a tool for me, and ultimately is saving me time during these busy days. I might still be behind, but not as far as I would be if I were going it alone.

Check out the video blog and make sure you get the lesson of the wolf! Be sure to share this link with a friend if they are trying to do it all alone, and encourage them to use the tools around them. Be part of their pack!

See you next week,

The Horse Personality and Leadership Qualities

This video blog is about working with horse people or utilizing your strengths if you yourself are a horse person. If you don’t know what you are you need to go to and take your free Animal Leadership personality test. If you have taken your personality test and you know how to play to your strengths, now it is time to find out what animal personality your friends are so you can work with them the way they want to be worked with. Send them the link and have them tell you what animal they are. It is fun going wild with Animal Leadership.

Anyway, this video blog is going to give you many details about how to introduce change to horse people. It is probably worth mentioning that horse people are the most common type of people.

I hope you enjoy the blog and learn something about how to be the leader of your own life, and the type of leader that other people are working for these days.

All my best,
Rad Watkins

P.S. Keep scowling down to see the video