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A Study on Animal Emotion

The creatures and beasts that inhabit our world all feel emotions much the same way that humans do. Although they cannot communicate them through speech in quite the same way, animals feel all sorts of longing and social inclinations. Here at Animal Leadership LLC, we work hard to learn what we can from the animal world to improve our own lives as humans.

Everything from crayfish to spiders to hyenas has their own distinct personalities, according to a French neuroscientist who recently unveiled a study on animal emotion. This article published by The Telegraph discusses those findings as well as various opinions from experts in the field of animal psychology.

What readers might learn about the way different animals live their lives may be very eye-opening, and may even help them see these creatures in a new light entirely. For example, we tend to think of spiders as isolated creatures that don’t spend much time with others, even of their own kind. However, spiders turn out to be very socially active, and their social clique can even affect their behaviors.

Crayfish are actually invertebrates, but this spineless nature extends into their emotional lives as well: these creatures can enter states of deep anxiety when frightened. Consistencies in animal behavior, such as these seen in spiders and crawfish, are attracting a great deal of scientific research into the area of animal personalities. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh as well as the University of Glasgow, just to name a couple of institutions, are delving into the science behind behavioral traits within ecologies.

Various levels of shyness are even seen among animals from certain species, especially brown trout. Dr. Bart Adriaenssens of the University of Glasgow found evidence of some brown trout acting incredibly bold in response to food and predators while others showed much more reticence in acting out. Learning why animals develop along this kind of spectrum may give us many insights into how human beings live with and react to each other.

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