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The Question is Not How Did Prince Die, but How Did Prince Live?

This past week, Prince died and it has been all the talk. I have to admit that I have not been the biggest Prince fan over the last 30 years. I listened to a lot of bands like the Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Greg Brown, or old Waylon Jennings. But before that, I was a big Prince fan! I actually had Prince’s first seven albums, with six of those being vinyl (one was on tape). That is Prince, Prince for You, Dirty Mind, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, and Around the World in a Day (in that order). I saw him in concert two nights in a row back in 1984. I was a pretty big fan back then.

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Meet Stacy Westfall – A True Leader


Leadership is such a strange concept. There are so many ways that one can be a leader. You can be a leader by being outstanding in your field and being the type of person others are trying to catch up to. You can be a leader by helping others succeed. You can be a leader by having followers and creating a movement. Stacey Westfall is a leader in all of those ways.


Squeeze the Life out of Every Day

I had a recent talk in Chicago; I was the keynote speaker for the Illinois Credit Union League. Being a Chicago keynote speaker is something I really enjoy because Chicago is actually my home town. I am not much of a city boy anymore, having left over 25 years ago, but I still have fun going back.

The Wolf Personality

Being a keynote speaker in Chicago doesn’t necessarily make my life easier, because I want to visit and explore while I am there, as things change so much over the years. I guess I try to do it all on my trips. Having the wolf personality, I am kind of partial to having a good time (if you don’t know what I mean about the wolf personality, go take the Animal Leadership personality test at I like to explore and turn everything into a playful experience. This time,  there was a lot to pack in my experience of being a leadership speaker in Chicago. This time I was able to attend ReptileFest!


Life on Your Terms

Years ago someone asked me why with a master’s degree in ecology, I was interested in personal development? It didn’t take me long to reply “Because I need it.” There is a saying that we teach what we need most. That may or may not be true. I think we often teach what we are passionate about and we are passionate about what we pursue. For me I want to constantly be a better person. I want to live a full life of absorbing all the magic of the world and helping those around me have the best time we can together as they work to achieve their goals. That takes motivation, skills, and a certain amount of vision.

gull on water, flying free

A Vision of Leadership

After living this way, I realized that is what leadership is all about. It is about having a vision, building skills, motivating, walking the talk, following up, and keeping positive. It is really the same thing whether you are leading yourself or leading others, because leading is not about having followers, but engaged participants. (more…)