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Be As Bright As The Super Moon

When I was much younger, I developed a connection to the moon. I remember living in Boulder, Colorado and deciding that I would sleep outside every full moon. I did this for a while in Boulder, then in Minocqua, WI, and then Missoula, MT. It was a time for me to be alone, give thanks, and reflect. It was a nice bench mark in the month.



Tragedy Struck the Watkins House

By: Rad Watkins

This last Sunday, tragedy struck the Watkins house. I had borrowed a friend’s skid steer to get some work done around the barn. It was a great deal of work and I was at it for hours, from Friday night through most of the beautiful 85° weekend. By Sunday afternoon, I was running out of time and had a ways to go. By the time 3:30p rolled around, I could see the end was in site.