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John Lyons, America’s Most Trusted Horseman Talks ANIMAL LEADERSHIP

By Rad Watkins

Recently I was lucky enough to interview John Lyons, America’s Most Trusted Horseman. John has been a hero of mine since I discovered horses. He is very gentle, and develops willing partners in his horses. He follows the horseman’s rule and always puts the horse first. I have lots of his videos and books and I have learned a ton from him. In fact, because of him, I went from not knowing how to ride a horse at all to getting paid to “break” or better put “start” a horse for people. (more…)

Springing Out

Spring is a time of budding energy. It’s a time of both biological and cultural significance. Throughout the world and across cultures we see the acknowledgement of rebirth. We see the blossoming of flowers, new babies on the ground, and the awakening of hibernating creatures.

Springing Out - budding branch

Meanwhile in Northern Wisconsin

Here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, spring comes late, but oh, how sweet it is. Our many lakes don’t melt until April. Our flowers don’t bloom till May, but you always know it is coming. One sure way is to look at the branches in the forest. The buds are just waiting to burst new leaves. (more…)