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Thank You Veterans, for Your Service and Example of Leadership

It’s Veterans Day, and I want to give a BIG thanks for all those who served. Service is the ultimate form of leadership. In the area I live, like much of rural America, there is a high percentage of Veterans.



You are the Leader You Need

In the Northwoods, the leaves are all down and a few nights have dipped below freezing. Yet the weather overall has been great and these warm fall days seem so precious. With these final glorious days, I have taken a lot of time to work with horses.



Have You Not Achieved Your Goal? This Could Be Why.

Remember the Nike slogan “Just Do It”? It was great and so right on. Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t seem so easy, especially if you are just setting out to achieve your goal, it can seem overwhelming and far from attainable. That is because when you first decide to do something, you might be lacking momentum.



Getting Things Out of the Way

I am sort of a hoarder. I like my treasures and I see value in a lot of things. There are reasons for it. As a child my family had a lake cabin that had been in the family since my dad was three-years old and there were man “artifacts” there that I only saw once a year. As a teenager, it was fun to wear old shirts that belonged to my dad or even find some old hippie jewelry that he had stashed away and long since forgotten about. I saw how keeping old things around made them special and fun.



The Fourth Quarter Assessment

This last week, I went to a centered riding clinic to teach me to ride horses better. I have only been to one other clinic and it was over 10 years ago. I have no horsey friends around me. I largely live in a horse vacuum where it is just me and the horses. Almost everything I know I have learned from books, magazines and videos, but I have a real desire to know more and it is time I find someone to critique me.



Do Schools Teach Real World Leadership?

I have been thinking a lot about schools lately. Between my time spent as the Chairman of two charter schools and home discussions with my wife, who semi-recently left her career as a limnologist/ hydrologist to become a high school science teacher. You could say school policy has been on my brain.



A Reason You Must Know Yourself

Here is a reason why you must know yourself, your personality type, and your leadership style. You must know these things because if you don’t, you are likely very inefficient and will never reach your full potential. How’s that for a reason? Let me say it again, if you don’t,  you will NEVER REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL.



Living in Your Own Skin – Part II

Have you ever looked at someone else and then turned and judged yourself? Have you ever felt like you should be performing as they perform, looking like they look, living life as they live it? I sure have and it can be downright tough!

9-13-16As a social creatures, humans are predisposed to look to others in their social circle and try to be like them. This phenomena can be very helpful if you surround yourself with positive role models that help you strive to be a better person, but it can be very limiting too. You must be careful as you strive to become a better person that you don’t limit yourself by trying to do things exactly like those around you. You must go about things in your own way, so that you can be the best you possible.


Communicate Effectively With Others

So last week we talked about being comfortable with who you are and living in your skin. The key is, people are different and you don’t have to be like everybody else. This week I promised to talk about communicating with people the way they liked to be communicated with.

8.17.16 giraffe

The key here, is that because people are different, they look for different things when they communicate. It is easy to assume everyone is just like us, but they are not.


Leading Your Own Life

Well, the festivities of the 4th of July are over and summer is officially under way. I spend my summers on Red Wing Island, a piece of property that has been in my family for 69 years this year. Right now I am sitting in my A-frame on my couch at 5 a.m. watching two Loons float by as Bluegills snatch insects off the water’s surface and Kingfishers chatter on. Soon, I’ll paddle off the island and go do my horse chores.

7.12.16 Kingfisher